About Us - Direct Importer of Consumer Goods

City of Toronto, Canada

HyPoint3 is a Sales Agency located in Oakville, ONTARIO, Canada

We specialise in the Direct Import of Consumer Goods from China and Europe into North American major retailers.

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Our team’s expertise

Comes from attention to detail, ensuring efficiency from quotes to forecast to order to shipment to customer satisfaction.

We directly supply the major retailers across Canada using our own sales team, and the USA using a mix of our sales team along with hand picked rep. groups. We partner with our suppliers to ensure quality and timely shipments meet and exceed Retailers' requirements.

Shanghai, China

Experience in FMCG products including:

Direct Importer for Summer toys, Patio furniture, Sporting goods, Seasonal goods, Toys, Small domestic appliances, Watches, Watering products

Hong Kong

Innovative product to the retailer

Our expertise is in delivering new innovative product to the retailer along with continuing to supply traditional goods in a timely, cost efficient manner.

Buying cycles are on an annual basis and for seasonal goods the window is very short. The HyPoint3 Team works closely with the buyers in order to ensure maximum line listings are gained.

Competitive shopping and analysing all retail product lines, items and pricing allows the HyPoint3 Team to be fully prepared in all line review meetings.  We know what our competition does and how their products compare to our own so that we can best show the buyer how our products will compare on the shelf.

HyPoint3 Team

We don’t promise what we can’t deliver!

One of our great strengths is that we are not just 'order takers' - our retailers see us as Strategic Partners.  This involves listening, discussing, planning and constant follow through on everything that we do.  We aim to be continually ahead of the pack.