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HyPoint3 is a Sales Agency that specialises in Direct Import of Consumer Goods from China and Europe into North American major retailers.



Debra Norris

President & CEO

Debra Norris HyPoint3


Debra has 25 years of experience in the FMCG arena both in North America and Europe. 


Previous to Hypoint3 Debra was CEO of Nurise Group where her role involved strategy, overseeing financial and operational areas along with leading the team. She worked with all the major retailers in North America and a number of Factories in China. Vendors included Bestway Inflatables, Funrise Toys, Intercity Watch, Numark Industries and Aqua Leisure.


Her prior experience comes from working with a number of high profile companies in Europe in the areas of retail, management, logistics, e-commerce and start ups.  Companies include Merrill Lynch, BMW, HP, Kodak, eBay, lastminute.com, iForce Group, Power Wheels/Mattel, Toyzone & Today's Kids.

Samantha McGill

Sales Director

Samantha McGill Sales Director



Samantha has 13 years of experience in the North American Retail Environment. 


One of her major strengths is relationship building with both her customers (the Major Retailers) and her Vendors. With a close attention to detail and good ear for listening to ‘what the buyer wants’ Samantha is recognised for bringing the right selection of product to the table.


Previous to Hypoint3, Samantha was National Sales Manager at Nurise where she grew the business significantly by increasing sales through extra listings along with selling to retailers previously untouched by the team. Vendors included Bestway Inflatables, Funrise Toys, Numark Industries and Aqua Leisure.


Charlotte Scott

Creative Director

Charlotte Scott Creative Director



Charlotte has 12 years of experience in design and operations in the North American marketplace.


Whether it is working with design on product or presentations Charlotte’s flair ensures we get exactly what the buyer wants and needs. Her meticulousness on the operational side complements her design skills and guarantees that the finished product will arrive on time and as presented.


Previous to Hypoint3, Charlotte was Brand Manager at InterCity Watch Canada where she designed watches, negotiated pricing with the Supplier and presented the ranges seasonally to the Buyers. With managing the merchandising companies and overseeing the B2B Customer Service, she was an integral part of the full cycle of product supply.
















A New World of Creativity

We invite you to experience the bright colors, fun faces, and savory scents of Scentos, WeVeel’s premier collection of scented stationery, party, craft, and novelty products beloved by kids and trusted by parents and teachers the world over. By combining innovative scent technologies with high quality products across multiple categories, WeVeel has become the industry leader in scent with Scentos heading the charge.

All Scentos fragrances are manufactured in the United States and are independently tested to ensure product quality and safety, adhering to the highest international and US regulatory fragrance standards, allergen friendly and always free of adverse ingredients.

Watch the Video - Company Profile

Visit the WeVeel Scentos Website

Plum Play

Plum are the active play specialists providing the fuel for active imaginations to flourish and grow.

Teaching balance and co-ordination in physical play and giving presence to a pretend but fun-filled fantasy world, activity toys provide the playground for a cherished childhood.

From role play to trampolines, swing sets to sand pits, Plum has the toys for boys and girls of all ages, be they 18 months or 18 years.

Adventuring, exploring, developing new experiences and engaging with the world around them… the benefits of active play are profound as children begin to develop their physical skills, self-confidence and make sense of the world around them. Plum activity toys nurture curiosity and creativity in a safe and fun environment, allowing children the freedom of play and parents peace of mind.

Website: www.plumplay.com

Quality Plastic Leisure Products

Shanghai JILONG Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is an export-oriented manufacturer of plastic leisure products with a considerable experience in R&D ,high quality manufacturing and world wide sales. Sincerity, Practicality and Innovation have become our main business philosophy, which in over 20 years of development helped JILONG to become a successful manufacturer and formed a complete vertical industrial chain including 2 production line of PVC film, silkscreen printing, high frequency welding, sewing, packing, etc. Every year JILONG products reach customers in more than 50 countries in Europe, North America, Australia and Asia, etc. We aim to be one of the major suppliers of plastic leisure products all over the world.

JILONG is proud to have a professional R&D team which closely monitors requirements of the global market and safety regulations, and collaborates with foreign designers to develop new products and packages. Various technical parameters of each new product have been tested and verified by internal professional lab. Every year, JILONG supplies over 100 new PVC inflatable products to world-wide customers with superior design, quality and environmentally-friendly products. Currently JILONG has six product lines, i.e. WATERCRAFT, POOL, AIRBED, FUN GEAR, SPA, SUP series.

Watch the Video - Jilong Products

Visit the Jilong Website

Zray Sports



Not only a water sports product name.
Every step, every motion and every innovation we do is embedded with passionate thought, a memorable and enjoyable water experience.

Website: www.zraysports.com


Innovation, Quality and Value

Hi Mark Group has always been devoted to the development of sport culture, and today we bring new and healthier lifestyles to customers around the globe. We own many internationally famous brands, such as Hi Mark, Body Sculpture, Solex, L.A. Sports, L.A. Golf, L.A. Trekking and L.A. Garden. Our long-established operations cover Europe, Asia Pacific, North and South America and the Middle East. We operate an international network of offices and can provide you with local service on an individual basis, designed to accommodate your own specific requirements. The success of our operation is demonstrably apparent in the continued relationships which have existed for over 26 years with our partners.

Visit the Hi Mark Group Website

Theo Klein

The Theo Klein company was founded in 1949 as a brush and broom factory. In 1956, the company manufactured the first coloured children’s broom with plastic bristles with the idea of expanding the available range of products. In 1959 Klein participated for the first time as an exhibitor at Nuremberg Toy Fair with the children’s broom, hand brush and metal shovel. Today The Klein is a medium sized company and one of Europe’s biggest producers of educationally stimulating toys and is a leader in many of its products segments. Theo Klein is a partner of the brands: BOSCH, MIELE, BRAUN, VILEDA and WMF. We currently have around 150 employees at 2 locations in Germany and 3 subsidiaries in England, France and Spain. Products are manufactured in Germany and by Partners in China and the Czech Republic. Plastic toys: Miele, Bosch, Braun, Barbie, Hot Wheels, Vileda, WMF, Electrolux, Weber, John Deere, Leifheit, Villeroy & Boch, Baukastensystem Manetico and Technico.

Watch the Video - Bosch Workshop

Visit the Theo Klein Website

Worlds Apart

At Worlds Apart, we help families make the most of growing up. By constantly discovering new ways to bring the best ideas together, we create children’s lifestyle products that give kids and parents more, so every day is full of wow.

Website: www.worldsapart.com


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HyPoint3, 100-220 Wyecroft Rd, Oakville, Ontario, L6K 3V1 CANADA

Sales Agency

Representing manufacturers who are looking for a cost effective method of introducing new products into the North American marketplace.

A manufacturer representative (rep), also known as independent sales representatives or sales agent (HyPoint3), is an individual, sales agency or company that sells a manufacturer's products to distribution, wholesale and retail customers.

When a manufacturer hires a manufacturer's rep firm, this usually means that a contract is signed between the two companies, which empower the rep to sell, or solicit sales for, the manufacturer's products as an agent in a defined territory. The products are usually ordered directly from the manufacturer, who then pays a retainer, and, or sales commission to the manufacturer's rep firm. The retainer fee/rate varies according to the market and the product type.

A Manufacturer's Rep is used:

  • When it is more cost-effective than using the company’s personnel.
  • When there is lack of a sales force for the manufacturer. The manufacturer's rep will do all of the selling.
  • When introducing a new product into the market.
  • When there is a new market the company wants to enter, but the market is not fully developed for their own sales force to be used.

Manufacturer representatives generally represent more than one manufacturer. One of the reasons they can represent more than one manufacturer is the products are related or complementary, but not competing. These reps will know their market and products well since they typically work in a specific industry and geographic area. Manufacturer's reps know the market well because they attend conferences, conventions and trade shows in order to maintain knowledge of new products and developments in their industry.

As a rule, manufacturers both in Canada and the United States use outside sales forces instead of having in-house sales personnel, because in this productivity-conscious era, using a rep workforce is a more efficient and cost-effective way to sell products.

One change from the past is that reps today are doing more than selling, hence the importance of having experience.

Some reps train company personnel in the use of the products they sell, offsetting a cost their customers would otherwise carry. Some reps who sell to distributors, wholesalers and dealers make joint sales calls with their in-house sales personnel, training them to sell the manufacturer's products by the rep.

Contact us to find out how HyPoint3 can help your company in the North American marketplace.